At Studio Seven, we believe in adapting resources & practices that are both environmentally and socially sustainable, because as we say at the Studio, art + design should help nurture communities as much as it should awe. While we emphasize design that is contemporary, minimal and vibrant, we believe that all three design elements can be inspired from the cultural heritage & artistic legacies that permeate Pakistan, as opposed to being cultural imports from other countries & continents.
We work hard to make our in-house work a reflection of the fact that it is possible to create high quality art + design products through traditionally inspired hand-craftsmanship, as practiced by our guild of local artisans. The in-house products we ourselves offer are carefully created by using environmentally friendly resources and manufacturing methods. Where our local expertise in sustainability manufacturing falls short, we import materials from family businesses with graded manufacturing processes that are meant to impact the environment in the least way possible.