These days the commercial sector requires robust upholstery fabrics that will be able to withstand the extreme usage they are exposed to in public areas. Combining robustness and quality of design is a must for such areas. DELIUS offers a suitable textile solution for heavily used areas: the fabric Gomez gives a high abrasion value. It is thus extremely resistant against wear and tear and will let you enjoy your furniture for a long time.

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Care & Cleaning
So that you can enjoy your DELIUS upholstery fabrics for a long time, we recommend the following cleaning

  1. Vacuum the fabrics regularly so that dirt and dust do not fix the small gaps inside of the fabric.
  2. Stains should be treated as soon as possible. Remove excess liquids, so that they cannot penetrate the fabric and dry out. Please always absorb moisture immediately to prevent the formation of watermarks.
  3. If residues are still visible, remove the stain with a solution of water and a few drops of a mild detergent (mixing ratio approx. 1:10). Always work on stains from the edge towards the center so that the size of the stain does not increase.
  4. Carefully work in the water solution with a soft, white, lint-free cloth, without rubbing on the area. Then dab the same area with pure, lukewarm water to remove any residues of the cleaning agent. First do this at a place of the furniture that is hidden, as the color may become lighter in the treated area.

GOMEZ 1551, GOMEZ 2550, GOMEZ 2551, GOMEZ 2552, GOMEZ 3550, GOMEZ 5550, GOMEZ 5552, GOMEZ 6550, GOMEZ 6553, GOMEZ 8550

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