Studio Seven offers various products through in-house and third-party affiliated brands. In order to keep our products in the best shape for an extended period of time, kindly go through the following tips on how to clean & maintain any/all of the products you choose to purchase from our Shop.


Regular Wood Furniture Cleaning

Simply wipe down your furniture with the dampened cloth. Then wipe away any remaining moisture with a dry cloth. Use cotton, as synthetic fibers can cause surface scratches. Most finishes are designed to be low sheen with no luster. In order to maintain the beautiful finish on your wood furniture, we recommend avoiding wax-based polishes and polishes containing silicone. These products will accumulate in crevasses of the wood grain, contaminate your finish, and detract from the overall look of your furniture.

How to Protect Your Wood Furniture

  1. Always use a coaster under glasses, mugs, plates, etc. Use a pad under hot plates and pizza boxes.
  2. Use felt pads under lamps, vases, some coasters. and other decorative accessories that may scratch the surface when moved.
  3. Avoid allowing plastic, nylon, or rubber materials to remain in contact with your wood surface. This includes the feet on computers, alarm clocks, and other electronics. These items can cause an adverse reaction to your wood finish over time.
  4. Keep your furniture away from a fireplace and heating and cooling vents; away from moisture sources, such as humidifiers; and out of direct sunlight. Daily exposure to heat or sunlight – even indirect sunlight – may fade your wood finishes and dry the wood, which can create cracks over time.
  5. Control your climate. Wood can swell or contract, depending on the surrounding atmosphere. In a humid environment, you may need to control the moisture in your home.


Crevin Fabrics

A Crevin fabric is a valuable product that is designed to be enjoyed over a long period of time. To keep furniture in optimal conditions, the upholstery should be used and maintained properly. In order to assure the best cleaning results, carefully follow the care instructions given in the cleaning and maintenance guide here. You can also visit Crevin’s website here for more information on individual fabrics.

Delius Fabrics

DELIUS fabrics are mainly made of flame-retardant yarns, such as Polyester FR or Trevira CS, and are easy to clean in the washing machine. For a long-lasting good appearance of the article, we recommend, depending on the degree of stain, washing the fabrics by following our washing instructions carefully. The individual washing instructions for the articles can be found on the Internet at You can also refer to the cleaning and disinfection guide for more information.

Mastrotto Leather

To prevent your leather from drying out keep furniture at least 60cm from heating sources such as radiators and heating vents. To prevent fading avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight from windows, doors and skylights. Dust your leather furniture regularly, and using a soft damp cloth wipe the leather surface clean. It’s best to use distilled water if you can, as the chlorine in tap water can damage the finish on leather over time. Avoid using an excessively moist cloth and wipe any excess moisture immediately using a dry cloth wipe. Avoid sitting on the leather until it is completely dry. Never use any harsh chemicals on your leather. Keep materials such as bleach, paint, nail polish and remover away from your leather. Steer clear of using all-purpose wipes and sprays from the supermarket, as they can contain chemicals that can damage you sofa. Instead, use a soft cleaner that is proven and tested to work on leather. In case of any confusion, kindly consult our team at Studio Seven for guidance.