Our artistry in design + craft aims to incorporate responsible practices for a better future. Where our local expertise in sustainably manufacturing upholstery falls short, we import the fabric from family businesses such as Crevin, Delius and Mastrotto. Our collaborators have graded manufacturing processes that impact the environment in the least way possible.

Crevin - Philosophy Upholstery


Located in Barcelona, Spain; Crevin a third generation family-owned mill and fully integrated company, with product development, weaving, finishing and dyeing all taking place on site. The company distributes their fabrics to over 60 countries worldwide. Crevin uses a design language that is conceived around longevity, resource-friendliness, recycling and zero-waste. They weave fabrics in solid, two-layered structures, which does not only enhance their durability but also allows Crevin to make back-weaves out of 100% recycled yarn.


Based in Bielefeld, Germany since 1722, Delius has 300 years of company history to look back on. The company develops high-quality contract fabrics for well-being worlds with aesthetics and function. The fabrics are easy to clean, antibacterial and impermeable to moisture. The aim is to create textiles that are long-lasting and contribute to the preservation of nature and health in communities around the world.

Delius - Philosophy Upholstery
Mastrotto - Philosophy Uphostery


Gruppo Mastrotto was established in 1958, when Santo and Bruno together with Arciso, their father, laid the foundations of a company that is now a leader in the processing of bovine hides to create leather upholstery for furniture. Over the years the managers at Gruppo Mastrotto have made increasing investments to adopt solutions aimed at minimising the impact that hides treatment has on the environment and have promoted tangible initiatives with their partners and all their staff.