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The Sleep Center

Studio Seven x The Sleep Center are proud to be the authorized dealer for Getha in Pakistan. Our aim is to bring to you 100% natural latex, a resource that helps the world sleep better. Since 1969, GETHA has specialized in manufacturing natural latex bedding products, such as mattresses and pillows.

The Best of Technology

Getha has consistently introduced the newest trends and technology to the industry including;
2002 – the Anti-Static Protection Technology
2009 – Nano Silver antibacterial technology
2015 – Bio-care anti-EMF protection Technology.

The Best of Nature

It takes harvesting a 1,000 trees to make a latex mattress and harvesting at least 13 trees to make a latex pillow. Collected drop by drop, harvesting natural latex takes several years and a complex combination of botany, chemistry and sophisticated machinery. Of course nothing would be possible without the dexterous skills of our rubber tree tappers.

The Best of Technology

Specially developed Anti-Aging Technology equipped with antioxidant properties that enhances the superior elasticity of Getha latex to better conform to the natural curves of your body. From baby pillows, to lumbar spinal support cushions and senior bedding, get supportive comfort with Getha for your first night and every night on wards.

Sustainable Sourcing

Mother Earth gave us life, health and the values of our culture. It is important to safeguard our environment and nurture a shared responsibility towards our future generation, therefore it matters when it comes to choosing the right environmentally friendly product. GETHA products are made with the future generation in mind. Together, we can help contribute to a greener future.