Our Story

Over 10 years ago, I saw my father go through an overwhelming experience of making a dream home for his family. Making family homes can be an emotionally overwhelming task. It is the fruit of years of hard work and savings. It can be physically overwhelming because it is tough to round up the right team for the job, multi-skilled people who can come together to translate your needs and wishes into a space that your children can happily grow up in.
Studio Seven was borne out of the desire to create beautiful contemporary homes, Make the process feel as simple as walking through a set of doors; everything you’ll ever need should be right here at the Studio. The hope was to create homes that any father dreams of building for his family.
For my team & I, a journey that began with building family homes has now evolved into a passionate endeavour of designing spaces for creative professionals and families alike. But no matter what space we take on, our seeds of thought remain the same; create meaningful spaces, the kind that give back to families & communities in profound ways.