Dream Kingdom

Be the discerning few to Own the Dream Kingdom ‘The Dream Kingdom’ does not only touch upon outstanding opportunities to cruise through your slumber in unprecedented luxury, it is also about creating a work of art that is special and lasting.


Getha’s newly innovated Biocare sleep system is the first in Malaysia to provide a solutions. Scientific research proofs that Electro – Magnetic Field (EMF) pollution affects sleep negatively.

Silk Kingdom

The perfectly natural and luxurious Silk Kingdom Series is designed for comfort in mind, focusing on the excellent values for natural latex. This series deliver unsurpassed transition from body cradling conformance.

Icon Transforme

ICON TRANSFORME dual-concept-in-one solution offers unparalleled deep-sleep with its Firm Feel or Comfort Feel surface selections: Simply turn the mattress to the side of your choice, and both surfaces can cater to your needs as your body changes.

ToGetha 30

Make your bedroom a safe and relaxing place. Breathe easier knowing your bed fabric is made from organic cotton. Organically-grown cotton is processed without the use of chemical fillers, finishes.

Inner Green 360˚

Getha’s Inner Green 360˚ series of mattresses are made of high quality natural latex of superior resilience. The ability of natural latex to gently support and conform to your body alleviates pressure points.

Nature First

Nature First Collection is made of 100% Natural Malaysian Latex to give superior resilience. The Mattress is engineered with the idea to produce a truly Green and Natural Mattress.

Adjustable Comfort

To provide maximum support, comfort and flexibility, GETHA adjustable bed are conscientiously made with multiple zones. For sleeping partners who are of different habituate.