At Studio Seven, we curate the passion and skill needed to satisfy enthusiasts looking for originality when it comes to Architecture, Design, Furniture and an Art Gallery. Listening is the core of our customer service; we merge your ideas with our vision and expertise to create results that strike a balance between quality, functionality and aesthetics.



The core of our philosophy is Revival and Innovation. Our work is inspired by the intricate details found in traditional Islamic Architecture and then placed within the landscape of modern design. Our work is rendered with the aim of creating an international presence through an engagement with local crafting talent. Our furniture is handcrafted by artisans within the local community. Sustainability is important to us as well; our products are made through nature friendly/ eco-friendly methods and materials.


Our team comprises of passionate young talent, holding qualifications in Design, Architecture and Management from internationally recognized institutes. We believe in a synchronized approach towards reaching the zenith of the Total Quality Management System (TQM) in relation to task execution and customer care.

Muhammad Bashir Khamisa

Rais Chohan

Sohail Chohan

Muhammad Mubashir Khamisa

Iftikhar Chohan

Jamal Ferozie

Muhammad Ali Dharsi

Omer Hassan

Mehmood Ali Jafri

Arsalan Hanif

Faizan Ahmed