What is Getha?

GETHA  – only the best from Mother Nature

It is a Malaysian Brand, Made in Malaysia for the world. With manufacturing experience since 1969, Which has established itself as an international luxury bedding brand that uses 100% finest and natural material. Providing the world with the best beds takes precision and allow for no shortcuts, added with passion to impress and satisfy, all our team members are skillfully trained with through dedication to excel in workmanship down to the last detail.


Why Choose Getha Latex?

Getha Mattresses• We only use the best quality latex which comes from Malaysia. (Best In, Best Out!)
• We are the original brand manufacturer.
• We are the ONLY latex manufacturer recognized by the government for achieve the Excellent Brand Award

ECO Certification

Getha products are tested and certified by ECO-Umweltinstitut the superior European standards that assure consumers of absolute safety, hygiene and quality substance.